Warsaw, Poland
September 6–10, 2010

Facultative tourist programme

The following optional tourist programme is available. To make a reservation, please follow the instructions in "Events" tag in the Conference Registration System.

The following events and excursions are included in accompanying person fee:

Traces of Frederic Chopin (7th September, 2010)

In 2010 we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of the most eminent Polish composer, Frederic Chopin. On this occasion one is encouraged to take a closer look at the composer. Warsaw reaches out to the lovers of Chopin's music as it has planned a series of concerts and accompanying events. Among other places, Chopin's music will be heard in the Łazienki Royal Park. We invite you to visit the estate in Żelazowa Wola, the birthplace of the future "piano poet". The former nobleman's manor houses a small museum. Further on, the route runs through Brochów, where Chopin's parents got married in a 16th century parish church, and where Frederic himself was christened. Next to the premises of the Warsaw University, the Church of the Holy Cross is situated, where the composer's heart rests.

The tour of Warsaw and the nearby countryside which leads you in footsteps of outstanding Polish composer will be unforgetable not only for lovers of Frideric Chopin music.

The tour is included in accompanying person fee.

More information you shall find in "Events" tag in the Conference Registration System.

Warsaw - the past and the present (9th September, 2010)

Guided excursion of Warsaw lets you see the most interesting places in the Polish capital. It is a great way for you to discover Warsaw with its rich history, culture and beauty.

Wonderful Łazienki Royal Park with picturesque Palace on the Water and the Island Theatre will give us a chance to stroll in a shadow of green trees and numerous historical buildings. The Palace on the Water -- a pearl of Polish architecture is the most important place in the garden. Is served as one of the residences of Stanislaw August Poniatowski -- the last king of Poland. The Palace survived World War II and was re-opened to public in 1960.

The Royal Route
The Royal Route is the most representative main route of the city. It is a historical route joining the Royal Castle with the palaces in Łazienki Royal Park and Wilanów. It was formed over the centuries and is now a charming road with its ambiance created by the numerous churches and marvelous magnate residences. We will see magnificent palaces, churches and monuments including Presidential Palace, University of Warsaw, Holy Cross Church with Chopin's heart and Copernicus Statue.

Old Town with Royal Castle
Warsaw Old Town is the oldest (13th century) historical part of the city. It is also the cultural center of the capital. In 1980 it was added to the UNESCO Heritage List. We will have the opportunity to see the Old Town Market Square, the New Town, the Barbican, St John's Cathedral and the Royal Castle (outside).

The Warsaw Uprising Muzeum was opened on 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising as homage paid to the inhabitants of Warsaw who fought and died for capital. The museum will give us a chance to see unique part of Warsaw history.

The tour is included in accompanying person fee.

More information you shall find in "Events" tag in the Conference Registration System.

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