Warsaw, Poland
September 6–10, 2010

This is the 37th in a series of international Solid Mechanics Conferences continuing a long tradition going back to 1953. It is organized cyclically, recently every two years, by the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research under the auspices of Committee for Mechanics, both of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its aim is to bring together researchers from different countries to provide opportunities to exchange ideas, experiences and scientific results from a wide area of solid mechanics. Contributing presentations will be organized into eleven sessions listed below.

Micromechanics, Interfaces and Multi-Scale Modelling
Chairmen: A. Bertram (Germany) & S. Stupkiewicz (IPPT, Poland)
Fracture, Damage and Fatigue of Materials
Chairmen: A. Rinaldi (Italy) & M. Basista (IPPT, Poland)
Continuum Mechanics, Elasticity and Plasticity
Chairmen: B. Svendsen (Germany) & P. Perzyna (IPPT, Poland)
Experimental Mechanics (in memory of Prof. W.K. Nowacki)
Chairmen: A. Rusinek (France) & R. Pęcherski (IPPT, Poland)
Chairmen: B. v. Rietbergen (Netherlands) & R. Będziński (Poland)
Chairmen: Z. Mróz (IPPT, Poland) & J. Tejchman (Poland)
Smart Materials and Structures
Chairmen: H. Tobushi (Japan) & J. Holnicki-Szulc (IPPT, Poland)
Structural Mechanics and Optimization
Chairmen: K. Dems (Poland) & W. Gutkowski (IPPT, Poland)
Shells and Plates
Chairmen: W. Pietraszkiewicz (Poland) & K. Wi¶niewski (IPPT, Poland)
Computational Aspects of Solid Mechanics
Chairmen: B. Schrefler (Italy) & T. Burczyński (Poland)
Nonlinear and Stochastic Dynamics
Chairmen: R. Iwankiewicz (Germany) & Z. Kotulski (IPPT, Poland)

Contributions concerning the fundamentals of solid mechanics (including experimental, theoretical and numerical methods) or applications in analysis of phenomena occurring in advanced materials, structures and systems are invited for presentation.

The official language of the Conference is English.

Scientific Committee

M. Basista J. Kubik M. Pietrzyk
A. Borkowski T. Łodygowski B. Raniecki
T. Burczyński Z. Mróz K. Sobczyk
K. Dems
W.K. Nowacki
W. Sosnowski
P. Dłużewski J. Orkisz S. Stupkiewicz
A. Garstecki J. Pamin G. Szefer
W. Gutkowski P. Perzyna J. Tejchman
M. Kleiber H. Petryk A. Tylikowski
W. Kosiński R. Pęcherski
Z. Kotulski W. Pietraszkiewicz

Organizing Committee

H. Petryk – Chairman
M. Skłodowski – Scientific Secretary
P. Kowalczyk
J. Lengiewicz
U. Czubacka – Secretary
A. Łyszkiewicz – Secretary


Mail address:    Institute of Fundamental Technological Research
Pawińskiego 5b,
02-106 Warszawa, POLAND
Phone: (+48 22) 826 98 34
Fax: (+48 22) 826 98 15
e-mail: solmech2010@ippt.gov.pl

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